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Saturday, June 19

I Survived BS 80, RPM 47 & BP 74

As usual, it's the time of the months again. The launching of Les Mill's programs. This time around Empire Subang had the opportunity to gave the first launch for most of the programs (except BA & BB) in one night. Body Step was conducted by Prudent and Brian. The theme is 80s songs and 80s is what we got. Most of the songs are familiar but with a remix of course. Warm up was good with plenty of new moves. It gets confusing the first time but I guess we will get used of it after the 2nd week. Even the speed track wasn't that 'speedy' this time around. But heck, I like it. Both the instructors are energetic and making the launch a real treat for all of us there tonight. Kudos~! 

Thanks to certain someone who helped me to registered for Lilian's RPM class. But surprisingly, there's two more bikes when the class starts. Maybe World Cup has something to do with this. LOLX!! The warm up was good with Ke$ha's TiK ToK. The first power track was good and really get the body all warm up. The mixed terrain track was really entertaining as we are being treated with Lilian's antics with the song, meet me half way. Track 5 is a remix version but heck it's energetic and with Lilian leading the way, what doesn't. The speed track was long and we are really pushed to the max. Finished off the tracks and quickly get myself ready for the next launch. 

The house is pack with Swee & Brian leading the new Body Pump launch. All the bars are taken up and I think it's close to 60 members in the class that time. Had plenty of fun with Man Behind The Pillar joining. Warm up wasn't as strong as I imagine but it's alright. Squats track this time around doesn't have any bottom halves rather 2 counts hold at the bottom before going back up. Something new and at the end of the track, you know you need to add weight in this track. Particularly remembered the Back track because of something Brian said during the class. lolx~! I think the whole class laugh at that time. And you can add up for this track too although we have a 4 single wide rolls continued with 4 sets of 4 wide rolls after that. Do that for 3 sets with 4 clean & press in between. Britney is back for Triceps and this time around we don't have anything with the bar but rather push ups, dips and overhead press. 

Biceps is a strong track with Boom Boom Pow bringing the house down. We have partial 3/4 and full range with singles in it. And yes, there's no break in this track. Good luck. Lunges is a killer this time around. Remembered BP 72? This is insane. Shoulders is good with push ups combos with the usual plates lift and finishing with overhead bars. Trust me it's tiring if you do it on your knees and on the bar during the push ups. Jason Derulo is in the house for Abs. Isn't that tough with the legs extension and sit ups ending with plank. Cooling down was the best part of the class of course. Didn't continued with Body Combat as the class was really pack and I don't think we can kick or move and that takes out the fun of the exercise. No worries, we still got 2 more weeks to go.

3 Octopus:

TTB said...

Wow, sounds like suicide doing pump especially when I am back to "beginner" situation :p

Ohhh... FF Empire also got pillar for the man to go behind meh? LOL

BaBy OcTopUs said...

no worries dear, this release isn't that tough really. start slow and just build your stamina back up. :)

it's a nick for that certain someone .. hehe~!:P

TTB said...

I did RPM and Pump on Sat. Killer! But satisfying :)

I know about the nick, it's called "& Co." in some other blog ^^, was just teasing about the pillar! LOL

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