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Sunday, June 20

Been Busy

I think most of you all know that I got my keys 2 weeks back and now I am busy with sorting out the inspection of my house. In the mean time I had also been scouting around for some design for my kitchen. Been to IKEA to take some ideas and snapping some photos for reference too. But nothing seemed interesting though. But I am interested in their mirror though. Decided to place a freaking large mirror on my dinning wall. Hopefully it won't burn too much of my pocket for that. Just had a meeting with the temporary RA (residence association) for my place. Some issues are brought up and at we discussed about it together. I think that is the whole idea of setting up the temporary RA since the permanent one will only be up end of next year the earliest. 

Some contractors walked by and introduced themselves when me and the others residence was checking out my house today. As usual, they parked nearby and once they saw anyone drove by, they will follow them and introduce themselves. Seemed a bit scary at the first time but well, you can't do anything bout that now. Got some initial pricing for the grills for the whole house and also the security back door. And last week when I went shopping with some friends they had recommended me to get a 46" LCD for the living room. I am so tempted to get it but it seemed like it's a bit too much. But it's gonna burst my initial budget again. So much to buy, so little budget to do it.

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