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Monday, June 7

The Keys To A New Beginning

Today I'd finally collected the keys to my home. Yup, that is a bunch of keys which I collected from the township. Paid the deposits and I was given the loose fittings, car stickers and access card to my house.

Wasted no time and drove over to check have a look at my new house. Finally I stepped into my house 'legally'. The workmanship is acceptable from the first inspection I did. Found one defect on a piece of vinyl in one of the bedroom. No cracks or water marks yet (fingers cross). Will do the water test when water is connected by Syabas. Damn, the car porch looks so wide from here.

3 Octopus:

Swee said...

Congrats! :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

thanks babe : )

Chin Eng said...

Congrats bro, looking at the bunch of key also makes me excited! :)

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