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Tuesday, June 8

iPhone 4 & iOS 4

 Steve Job had announced during Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference) 2010 keynote of several agenda. But the one which I am waiting for is the unveiling of the anticipated iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 is just 9.3mm thick. It's 24% thinner than the current iPhone 3GS. Just when we all thought that iPhone 3GS couldn't be anymore thinner, he amazed us again with the new iPhone 4. In fact, it's the thinnest smartphone in the entire world. The new iPhone 4 comes with a front-facing camera, microSIM (hopefully someone other than Maxis comes out with this), camera with LED Flash (it's a start), headset and a secondary mic for noise cancellation purposes. From the previous leaked picture of the iPhone 4, a lot of people had been asking why are there lines on the edges of the phone he asked during the keynote. Well the answer would be a new technology which antennas are integrated into the structure of the phone. How cool is that. 

The stainless steel body signify strength with glass on both front and back of the casing. Apple increased the pixel density dramatically by 4 times with the same amount of space. The new iPhone 4 has a 3.5" display with 960x640 pixels. That is 326 pixels per inch or 800:1 contrast. The new iOS 4 will automatically make iPhone apps work on a higher resolution Retina display too. The new iPhone 4 is powered by the new A4 chip. With a bigger battery and better power management by A4, the new iPhone 4 said to improve in it's battery life. 7hours in 3G talk, 6hours 3G browsing, 10hours WiFi browsing, 10hours movie, 40hours of music and 300hours of standby mode. 

iPhone 4 powered by A4, 32GB internal memory, quad-band HSDPA/HSUPA, dual mics, 802.11n connectivity. It also come with a three-axis gyroscope which means, the new iPhone 4 has accelerometer together with GPS and all together 6-axis motion sensing. Gaming on smartphone wouldn't be the same anymore. The smartphone comes with a camera with 5x digital zoom which include a LED Flash and HD video recording (eat that SE Viva). Here's something strange, where the video call on works under WiFi. But we all know bout that beforehand if you'd been following up with the news. The video call works in both portrait and landscape mode.

 The new iPhone 4 comes with two basic color black and white. The price will be set at $199 16GB and $299 for 32GB. I was hoping for a bigger capacity like 64GB though. The new iPhone 4 goes on sales on June 24 and pre-order starts a week from tomorrow. It will only be available in 5 countries for the time being, US, France, Germany, UK & Japan (why Japan??). It will go on sale in 18 countries in July, more countries in August and 44 countries after September. This time around, Apple will be selling the casing for iPhone 4 which they called bunker for $29. Good news, the iOS 4 will be out on the 21 June. So better be ready for it.

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