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Sunday, June 13

Marina Bay Sand Casino

Was on business trip down South yesterday and decided to visit the new Marina Sand Bay Casino over at Singapore. Came out of Marina Bay MRT and trust me when I say you have to walk a distance over to the casino. This is the view of the casino and also the Marina Sand Bay Hotel.

No, this is not the casino. I was informed by a passer by that the tall building is the casino and I was asking myself, is this for real? I mean such a tall building. Then I realized that it's the hotel and the casino is opposite it. The hotel does look magnificent from where I stand.

OK, so this is the entrance of the shopping near going into the casino. Yes, you heard me right. The casino is located inside a shopping mall. How cool is that? Plenty of people strolling up and down doing their own business. Some for leisure some for gambling I guess.

This is how the inside looks like. Most of the shops hasn't started operating yet. Most of the shops are still under renovation. So I didn't go snoop around the place.

Went straight to the casino and saw some bugger kneeling down next to the table there. Is he lost or he lose all his money? It's the same over here as Sentosa, you need to show your passport to waive the SGD100 entrance fee. Once entered I realized that the casino is divided into 4 floors.This is the second floor and there's still one floor down and two floor up. Plenty of people inside but you don't feel too pack. Some restaurants are located inside if you wanted to have some bite half way through. Saw a new table called Singapore Stud Poker. It's a nice place since it's located inside a mall I guess.

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