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Wednesday, June 9

Who Turned Off The Lights?

So there we are standing there in the dark half way through the warm up during Master T Body Combat last night. No one can answer what happened and the instructor need to walked out and get someone to get the light back on. I did BS and BP class and there wasn't any sign of this blackout. After 5 minutes, we managed to get the lights back on. So we wasted 5 minutes through the class. So is this the last we will see (or rather not seeing anything) of this sudden blackout? Guess again. The lights went off again during track 2 and on again and off again. I had lost count of how many time the lights went on and off last night. Finally someone figured out what might have caused the problem. We tried turning off half of the lights in the room and everything was A all right through out the class. This means that something is wrong with the circuit breaker as it constantly cutting in or there's something wrong with the wiring or some devices are short circuited. I did suggested that we do a Twilight theme class since the trilogy is coming out next month. lolx~!!!

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