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Monday, June 21

Xien Jor Lor!!!

This is not good. I was preparing for RPM class tonight when I accidentally hit my left knee cap to the handle bar. I didn't think much of it since it doesn't hurt so much after some time. I managed to finished the class without any problem. So I thought it was alright. NO!! It was during Body Pump class when I did the Squats that I felt some pain on my knee. But the pain really kicks in during clean & press. I didn't managed to go too low on my squats during the back track. Not to mentioned the new lunge track was a killer too. But surprisingly, it doesn't hurt that much during that track. Huh? But I still felt the pain when I walked over to the locker. Thinking of not doing Body Step class or even Body Pump tomorrow. Aiya~ Xien Jor Lor~~~!!!

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