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Thursday, July 22

Body Bike / RPM 48 Tracklist

From my posts nowadays, most of you could have guess that I had become a RPM hardcore. As RPM says, ridding with powerful music and I like powerful music. Ke$ha is back with the warm up in the new release.I know the conditioning and cool down are great songs but on the others, I am not too sure. Hopefully this release is going to be as great as the current one. Ride On~!

1. Your Love Is My Drug – Ke$ha
2. Lost Highway – Southern Light
3. Celebration (Blunatix Mix) – Felix Grey
4. One Love – Pure Essence
5. Brick By Boring Brick – Spacegliderz
6. Waiting – Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt
7. It’s Not Over (Club Mix) – Paffendorf
8. Hey, Soul Sister – Train
9. Replay – Iyaz

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