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Friday, July 23

Malaysia International Food & Beverage Trade Fair @ PWTC

One fine morning, as I was surfing the net in the morning, a friend text me to go to this trade fair in PWTC. It is the 11th Malaysia International Food & Beverage Trade fair in PWTC. I still remembered I was one of the participants during their last exhibition. Damn, there were so much food to test and I got a sore throat just after half a day over there. So this time, I have the experience to guide me through this long journey of food wonder. Drink more water~! haha!!The first place which I visited would be the Taiwan's Pavilion or more precise Tai Chung. There were quite a number of crowd in certain booth as they are giving out free tasting to the visitors.

This is a booth which displays a lot of nice colored Korean donuts. At first glance, you would guess that the place is selling donuts, but in reality they are not. They are actually selling the cooking machine for preparing the donuts. But you can have some free tasting for the donuts of course. This is one of the most 'visited' booth around Tai Chung Pavilion. Now you know why. 

This is also a good booth to visit as they are the only booth around which showcase ice cream. You can try their ice cream which I do recommend as it's not that expensive. It's only RM2/scoop with that black stuff on the top. No it's not the black pearl in your bubble tea. They have a few flavors like Vanilla, Mocha, Chocolate and Tiramisu. 

This is how one scoop of their ice cream looks like. I managed to coaxed them of giving me a scoop of Tiramisu FOC. How? Aiya~ Cannot tell you la, later everyone also use my trick, spoil the market la. haha! It's really smooth and soft and that black thingy really add some texture to it. It's soft and burst when you bite on it. Very fascinating.

They have everything preserved nowadays. This booth are showing their preserved Dried To Fu, Duck Eggs, Salted Duck Eggs, Milk Eggs and Hot Spring Eggs (what the hell is this??). First bite is quite good but towards the end, it's a bit too dry for me. This is some sort like a snack while watching the idiot box I guess.

A map of Taiwan made out of ... 

Nasi Lemak~ Yes, they are that creative. Don't you think Taiwan map looks something like our country? 

Finally I saw a square watermelon before I die. haha~! I was very intrigued by this square shape watermelon for quite some time. Since I saw it in the internet and movies before. I thought this could only be found in Japan, but heck, nowadays, it's quite common I think. Maybe they can make a love shape watermelon next time. Now, that is something that you don't see everyday. haha~!

Overall, I spent 3 hours or so over eating, I mean testing foods and drinks. My tongue is a bit numb towards the end as I totally lost count of how many coffee I had that day. My gosh, there are so many type of local made coffee in the market. Well, not locally anyway, but exported out to oversea. So for those food lovers who wanted to try some of the overseas snacks, make a trip over PWTC this weekend. You have exhibitors from Taiwan, South Korea, South Africa, China, Singapore and some other middle east countries. Enjoy~! 

4 Octopus:

TTB said...

Oui? I tot cannot take picture inside one? I was there but didn't try any food. The ice cream or some dessert stall had a long queue. So I went off after getting what I need... :)

BaBy OcTopUs said...

U can't? It's very seldom that we can't take picture in an exhibition. U had to try the ice cream cause it's really soft and smooth. :) maybe next year dear.


TTB said...

There was a sign outside showing no cemera i.e. no taking pictures lah I assume. it's malaysia, they impose rules but never enforce, good for us!

Maybe next year lah, it's boring to be eating ice cream alone there, and there were some auties in the queue, so don't want to interrupt them. haha...

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I didn't really saw any sign or pretend not to c it. Haha!!

U went alone? Aiya ask me ma. Or Pam, she will definitely go. Kekeke!!

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