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Saturday, July 10

Do You Wanna Hear Something Scary?

I was at the gym tonight when K-Bear walked over and asked me, "Wanna hear something scary?". "You tried to commit suicide is it?", I replied. Haha~! So she start explaining her "theory" to me and after hearing it, I asked her, "Do you REALLY wanna hear something scary?". It's about what I had for dinner during my trip down South these 3 days. For the first night I went over Shih Lin (the Taiwan snack) and ordered one XXL Crispy Chicken, Oyster Mee Sua and a bottle of mineral. I ordered additional rice box set with another bottle of V Soy for supper. Not too scary right? Well I am just getting warm up on my first night. On the second night, I went over KFC and ordered their Deluxe set which consist of a piece of fried chicken (thigh) and a Zinger burger with fries on the side. In addition I ordered another Zinger, the new Pocket of Sunshine and Cheesy Wedges to take back to the hotel for supper. Now tell me if that's NOT scary!! And for lunch today, I ordered two chicken deluxe burger from A&W with curly fries and root beer. I think I can stay away from fast food for a month now.

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