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Monday, July 5

The Karate Kid

I know that the movie is not a new one and had been in the cinema for quite some time but I just don't have the time to watch it these days. Finally I decided to watched it last weekend with my gym mates. I am contemplating whether to watch The Karate Kid or A-Team and decided to go with the first one since it's recommended by my friends. And it's not as bad as I thought. Since it's a remake of the original 1984 with the same title, I am not giving it so much expectation. The movie is more than 2 hours and I can say that I did enjoyed the whole 2 hours of it. Since I had watched the original movie a few times so the story line, plot and even some of the lines are the same. 

The movie started off with a kid called Dre (Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith) who moved from Detroit with his mom Sherry Parker (Taraji Henson) to China. As always new kid on the block fall in love with the sweet china doll, Mei Ying and got himself into a fight on the first day they arrive. Dre started being bullied around by the local kid called Cheng. So he blamed his mother for bringing him over to this alien place where he got no friends and being bullied all the time. So during one confrontation with Cheng and his posse, Dre is save by Mr. Han (Jacky Chan) the janitor. He decided to teach Dre Kung Fu as he believe that Dre need to face them in a tournament so that they will stop bullying him. So the story tells how he is train and how he eventually kick Cheng's ass. 

The whole plot is exactly the same as the original one but the first moved to Los Angeles and being bullied by the school bullies. Even the part where the master of the bad guys shouted the same line. It's not half bad seeing movie but if you watched the original movie, it's a bit deja vu for me. Jaden Smith gave a good performance in the movie and Jacky as always being himself with the witty moves and all (typical). It's a nice movie to watch and don't expect anything spectacular in the movie but just enjoy where the movie takes you. (Rating: 4 out of 5)

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