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Friday, July 2

Lost & Found

FARK!!! (I always wanted to start a story with that word) Where's my key? I am frantically searching for my locker key everywhere. You must wondering WTF is this story coming from. So lets rewind back half and hour. I had just bathed and dry my hair and walked out of the locker room. Sat on my usual spot outside the RPM studio waiting for the class to start. Well OK, it's like 2 more hours before the class start but I got time. So I was playing around with the new game I had just downloaded for almost 30 minutes when I realized that I can't find my locker key. I search underneath the chair, locker and the gym but it's no where to be found. I saw my lockers (2 in fact) are still lock. 

So I decided to try my luck and go to the front desk to ask if anyone found my key. To my surprised, they did found my key. Why am I worried? Well, there's close to a thousand cash in my wallet and not to mentioned a couple of credit cards and also my driving license and identification card in it. My car key is in the locker too. Damn it~! So I quickly walk over to the locker and open it. Checked my wallet and keys. Everything are still intact. Oh, I am so glad at that moment. I walked over to thank the cleaner who found my key. It was so kind of him to return the key and all. I mean if some body else who found the key, they might go through my locker and took whatever valuable in it.

Then I realized something. My locker key is a bit 'cacat'. The tag number that come with the key had already been broken. So they had no way of finding out which locker does this key belongs to. It's a bit obvious if that someone try every single locker in the changing room. So it left me thinking, what if? But I still give the benefit of the doubt to the cleaner. But later that night, a member told me she lost her diamond necklace the other night some where in the gym but she only realized it when she reached home. And she only bought it for 3 months only. Ouch~! That is sad!

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Anonymous said...

Anyway, when in the gym, whose car key isn't in the locker? whose wallet isn't in the locker? Whose credit cards and license aren't in the locker? D'oh! Most important thing is iphone....lolz


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