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Monday, July 12

RPM Madness

I was informed tonight by June that there's gonna be a RPM theme classes going on this month. Well this is not you're usual superstar or superheroes theme class but rather endurance. Starting from tomorrow night at Empire, Brian & Fong will be doing the RPM Endurance which is about 1 hour and a half with additional 4 tracks, if I am not mistaken. I will definitely be joining tomorrow's RPM Endurance but not sure I am wanna push myself by joining Prudent's BS and Gino's BP class beforehand as usual. RPM Endurance is just the warm up as next week Wednesday, June & Joe will be doing the RPM Marathon which will last for 2 hours which consists of 22 tracks, I think. That I have to join too. I think I can still survive through this. If you think RPM Marathon is gonna KILL you then think again as on the 27th July at The Curve, Lilian & June is gonna present to us Ironman RPM. 3 hours of solid in door cycling workout. She mentioned that there's a lot of track 5 & 7 repetition and that's gonna kill us all. But sadly I won't be able to join as I am away during that week. Dang~~!!!

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