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Wednesday, July 14

RPM Endurance @ Empire

I was doing my usual Body Step class at 5.45pm when I saw some members had already started queuing up for the RPM Endurance class. So what's the fuss about? The class doesn't start till 7.40pm. That is 2 hours wait. By the time I finished Body Step, I'd decided to skip Body Pump class as the queue is getting longer by the minutes. Mine was already 13 and there's only 19 bikes in the class tonight. Luckily for someone, she got the last bike. Was really looking forward for this Endurance class as the theme would be Tour De France. The class is being lead by Brian & Fong. Both of them came in with full gear including the outdoor helmet, sunglasses and even backpack. Overall track selection is really good. As you know it's a 14 track (not inclusive of cool down) class and both track selection and motivation are very  crucial. And both of them managed to give us that. Had a taste of an hour and a half class and I think next week's RPM Marathon shouldn't be any problem. But sadly I couldn't join the week after RPM Ironman at The Curve. Sigh~!

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