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Thursday, August 5

Apple's New Generation of iPods, iPads & iPhones

iLounge had just got news from a reliable source that Apple is going to launch their new generations of iPod, iPad Mini and also iPhone 5. Yes, you heard me right, iPhone 5. And we didn't even get iPhone 4 over here yet. Well according to the reliable source, there are 3 types of iPod coming out as early as September (as they normally do), a 7" iPad late this year or early next year and iPhone 5 as early as January next year. iLounge had this to say about these iDevices. 

They claimed that there are 3 models of iPod coming out as early as September. There will be a new generation of iPod Touch and iPod Nano. The last would most probably be a touch screen iPod Shuffle.

iPad Mini
This is not the first time that we heard that Apple is coming out with a smaller version (5" or 7") of their iPad. Now they are saying that the new so-called iPad Mini would most probably be coming out late this year or early next year. So just keep your fingers cross for now.

iPhone 5
This is the one which intrigued me. iPhone 5? I mean, where's my iPhone 4? Words are, iPhone 5 are coming out next year to replace the current antenna issue on their iPhone 4 unit. Rumors has it that Verizon Wireless will start selling iPhone early next year. So this might be possible too. But don't keep your hopes up on this.

iPhone Bumper
Apple already announced that they will be giving out iPhone bumper to reduce the antenna problem. And now the words on the street is that Apple is working on a less expensive Silicone like bumper casing to be distributed out around September to all their iPhone 4 users. Sources revealed that the original bumper had more hard material on it than the coming ones. So just wait and see now.

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