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Sunday, August 8

The Last Airbender 3D

Finally it's the night I had been waiting for. Finally I managed to catch The Last Airbender in 3D tonight. I had been talking bout this movie since early of the year and finally it's here. I had purposely bought the box set for the anime and watched it few months back just to recapture the hype of the whole Avatar thingy. I bought the tickets since last Firday and I got some really nice seats right in the middle of the cinema. For those who never heard of the movie before, well let me introduce you a bit of the whole Airbender phenomenon. 

The story tells of a world divided into four nations, Water Tribe, Earth Kingdom, Fire Nation and Air Nomad. They all lived in harmony with each another with an Avatar who is born each time under one of the nation. The avatar has the ability of the four tribes and able to communicate with the spirit world and hence able to maintain peace all this while. Until one day, the avatar disappear for a hundred year. The fire nation took the opportunity and tried to take over the other tribes. They wiped out the whole Air Nomad as they know that the next Avatar would be born under this nation. One day, two Northern Water Tribe siblings, stumbled upon a kid in an ice berg and accidently released him. The two siblings, Katara & Sokka befriend with Aang the Avatar and decided to joined him in his journey to all the other nations to find him a master to learn all the other bending. 

This movie only tells the story from the first of four books, which is the Water Book. For me the story seemed a bit rush but I can't blamed them since they are packing the whole season into one movie. But they did put in all the best part in this movie. The actors that acted in the movie are quite similar with the ones in the anime. I am really impressed in this. But the movie lacked the comedic and funny side of the characters. Aang should be more funnier and childish in the anime but Noah Ringer who played Aang seemed a bit quiet and serious most of the time. Even Sokka's bad jokes couldn't be found in any part of this movie. Nicola Peltz who played Katara also seemed like a good choice with her sweet face but again without the hard headed attitude here. Dev Patel who played the banished Prince Zuko is one of the best character here. He hates everyone and that's it. 

The whole movie seemed a bit dark too me and a bit gloomy too. It should be more funnier and comedic but maybe the director, M. Night Shyamalan worried it would seemed like a kid's movie if there's too much of those element in the movie. But heck, it was supposed to be a kid show. I like what they did with Appa (the flying bison) and also Momo (the flying lemur). But they should have more Momo in the movie as he always sticks around Aang most of the time and also Appa too. Not sure if they are coming out with the second book or not. But I hope they do cause I wanted to see more of Aang and the rest of the casts. And why did they pronounced his name that way? I thought it should sound like 'Eng' in the anime although it's spelt Aang.

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