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Tuesday, August 31

Renovation Week

Why am I so quiet lately? Same old answer, busy lor~! Busy with compiling my house renovation most of the time. I am now getting quotes from another contractor for the whole house and hopefully this time around the renovation work can really materialize (fingers cross). There are so many added costing which I didn't really considered previously. For instance, the kitchen's sink and taps. Been visiting some shops the pass few week comparing brands and finally (90%) decided which brand to take. Luckily I found a shop which sells very cheap down light fittings and light bulbs thanks to the people from my forum. I was really surprised when I realized that I need 47 down light fittings the whole house which mean 94 light bulbs for the whole house. Bleeding, my wallet is really bleeding. There goes a few thousand just on the lighting side. Other than these, I would also need to purchase water heaters, air conditions, ceiling fans and outdoor water filter. Everything is money~! Sigh!!

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