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Monday, August 23

Gone In 5 Minutes

For those who read my FB status would had know what happened to me or rather company today. As usual, me and my colleague had a long meeting on a Monday morning and we decided to have lunch after that. So all of us traveled out around 12.40pm for lunch leaving one of our staff back to look after the office. When we are back around 2.10pm, my colleague called me up and told me that all our laptops are STOLEN. I was about to step out of the lift when he called. So I walked in and saw all four of our laptops are gone. Only two were left as it was an old model. WTF~! So we went over to the security office and view the CCTV. There were two Indian man who came over and while one of the man distracted my staff, another one went in and stole all our laptops. 

One of them initially came in and informed my staff that they are sent over by the management to look at our air condition. As there are a foul smell coming out from our air cond or part of our office since Friday. We suspect that the smell was actually plant by them for the whole scheme. Then half way through he informed my staff that he need to go down to register with the guard and asked my staff to go with her. Strangely she followed him down and confirmed locking the door before she left. The guard couldn't be found and he finally left without saying a word and my staff went back up. Strangely again, she didn't noticed that out laptops are missing till we are back from lunch. The CCTV show that an Indian man came out with a big bag which we suspect containing our laptops inside and walked out of our compound. The Police told us that there are some cases at Sg. Buloh with the same modus operandi. Now we are all without laptops and it is so inconvenient for all of us sales person as all our sales tools are inside. Xien jor~~!!!!

2 Octopus:

Danial Ikhwan Jaafar said...

sorry for ur loss man.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

no problem bro. everything happened for a reason :)

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