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Sunday, August 1

StarBorn Clubbing Party 2010

So how did I passed my Saturday night? Clubbing of course. OK, that doesn't really sound like me but that is what I did last night. Romiko was invited to this event organized by Bernard from Line Dance Funk class. It is an annual event where all the members from his class gathered and dance for hours in a booked disco. If I am not mistaken, they were in Coco Cabana last year. This year around it was held at Mist Club in Bangsar. The party started around 5pm with dinner for all the members and they started the event around 6pm. This year around, Bernard managed to gathered his members from not only Fitness Fitness but also My Fitness and also Sport Toto Berjaya Time Square fitness. I think the crowd come close to 200 people last night. Fitness Fitness members from KBT is the most happening that night as they came in dressed in High School theme. So imagine a bunch of guys and gals wearing school uniform busting their moves on the dance floor. Hot~!!!!

Why is it so good? Cause the dance floor is so awesome, they are all dancing in the same manner and moves. Cause the songs played are those that he taught in his class. We have songs from Pitbull, Jay Sean, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Shakira and even Wonder Girls. I am really surprised how the members are so high when they heard Justin's Baby song. Shakira's Wakaka Wakaka is the newest dance move which he taught I was told. You can see the members are as young as early 20s to 60s. Yes, I saw some ladies moving their body that night and trust me, we don't see these everyday. I am really impressed and salute those who are so brave to dance that night as I am not that bold. The night end around 10.30pm with tons of gifts given away during the lucky draw and we're even featured in a local TV channel as they came to cover the event. How cool~! 

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