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Friday, July 30

My Long Week

As you can see, it's been a week since my last post. Why? As always, my lack of posting would only because of work. It was really a pack week for me as I was put together with my colleague to 'babysit' my principle from India. The schedule was really pack as we start with a seminar on Monday morning and  then another two the next day before traveling up to Lumut for a seminar the next day. The resort suck in term of service big time. After the seminar we quickly packed up as we need to checked in Cherating that night. Our last seminar would be on Thursday morning at Cherating before back to KL. It was really a long drive and rush for all of us. Well at least me and my colleague drove the whole way. We had another long meeting on Friday morning for the week's seminar closing up. During lunch I'd told my marketing that the schedule was really hectic and she told me I am considered lucky. As my manager previously traveled around Malaysia the whole week for 2 seminar in one day and flew to KK the following week. They did around 12 seminars in a week. So my 3 seminar in 3 days? I close my case~! 

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