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Monday, September 6

The Proposal (Part 2) - The Stone

After settling the cake for the special night, I had decided to start shopping for the perfect 'stone' for my lovely future wife. But I am a fool when it comes to diamond. Since my sweetheart is a diamond expert, hence the difficulty of the task had escalated to the max for me. But being a resourceful guy, I had called upon a favor from my gym-mate, Wanie. She had obligingly accepted my invitation and off we go to the nearest place, Pyramid. We had dinner and I had explained to her the requirements or criteria of the 'stone' that we're searching for. So we don't go looking at every single ring in every boutique inside Pyramid. After the dinner, we went straight to the first shop, Diamond & Platinum

The staff which served us is a lady and she's very friendly too. She had introduced one of the new line called Estrella. Just to briefly explained what is Estrella and what is the hyped about. Estrella diamonds are D&P's signature diamond. Estrella diamond has the immaculate cut, excellent proportions and perfect symmetry and polish that less than 1% of the diamonds in the world are able to match to its uncompromising beauty. I am not exaggerating, these are the words used in their website. We were shown with a few design from the Estrella range and one caught my attention. It's actually a love shape ring or tear drop when you see it from the front. I know this is the ring that I am looking for. But I can't just buy the ring at the first shop I enter. So we had decided to pay Poh Kong a visit. 

We went over to PK's Diamond Boutique and there wasn't much design to choose from. The sales person wasn't that enthusiastic in selling me their diamond compared to D&P. When the manager came over to talk or rather lectured us on their diamond, we found that it's a bit too harsh. We felt uncomfortable the whole session and finally we walked back to D&P and they informed me that they could kept the ring for me for 2 more days before displaying it out again at the counter. Initially we wanted to go over De Gems or other outlets to survey more but finally decided to just go with the first one as everything is perfect and I am totally satisfied with the diamond's weight, color and clarity.  So went back again the week after and bought it. So now, the ring is settled too. Next would be the venue which I am really challenged my limit as you know I am a flogger myself. But let leave that for the next part for now.

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