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Tuesday, September 7

The Proposal (Part 3) - The Venue

The third part after getting the perfect ring would be finding the perfect dinning venue for the proposal. I had run out of idea and decided to call upon help from some close friends. Wanie recommended 7ate9 but decided to call it off as it's a bit crowded since it's a dinning plus bar restaurant. I thought of Tamarind Springs but we been there before and I wanted somewhere special and we had never been before. I also wanted a place which will still be there for years to come as to show everlasting. Yes, I am a bit superstitious to some extent. So I had called upon Eva and Terrence for help. Since both of them had been to some really exclusive restaurants, I had a lot of faith in them. 

(picture courtesy of mines website)

Eva had recommended a few but one catch my attention. It's a Sun Set Dinner Cruise at The Mines. You can choose from a few packages for a romantic boat ride just the two of us along The Mines lake. Imagine a perfect dinner just the two of us, sun set view, roses, diamond ring and I am proposing on my knee. It's the perfect memorable moment but I am worried about one thing, the weather. It's very uncertain in our country. I am really worried that the perfect moment would be ruin by the weather at the end. So I save this as a back up and kept on searching. 

(picture courtesy of frangipani website)

I heard about Frangipani and I had around about the place. Checked out their website and look at their menu. The place seemed to have a good ambiance and has one of the best French fine dining restaurant in town. I had asked Terence since he's been there before and he gave me some other recommendation and one of them is Le Bouchon which I decided to go at the end. I almost booked Frangipani but since I read a lot of negative reviews online bout the service and also inconsistency in the quality of their food which made me calling off the idea. 
 (picture courtesy of paranoidandroid website)

Went over to Le Bouchon with Ken for a visit before the actual day and meet with their manager to expressed my intention and ideas. Mr. Wan is very accommodating and easy to work with as I had told him my preparation and he gave me some ideas on how to 'pop' the ring out. The place also served French fine dining similar to Frangipani but the later is more towards modern and the first being more homely which I preferred. Deciding between this three restaurants really makes me running up and down since I wanted to surveyed the places before I confirmed. I wanted the night to be perfect so I need to be there and feel it beforehand. Le Bouchon really fulfill my requirements and the rest is history as they say it. So what's next? Flowers? Too normal for me.

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