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Sunday, October 17

The Child's Eye - 3D

 It's been a while since I last watched a really good horror/ghost movie. The last would be a suspense thriller called The Shelter maybe. Then come this movie which I heard about from the radio and friends about. This is another movie directed by the in-famous Pang Brothers who brought us The Eye, The Eye 2, Recycle and The Eye 10. This time around, they brought us another type of horror called The Child's Eye. All their movies revolves around 'eyes'. Chinese believes that small children and dogs could easily see the paranormal.  So the movie tells of a bunch of friends who traveled to Thailand for a vacation. During the riot over there, 6 of them are stranded and are force to stay in a run down hotel. 

Rainie (Rainie Yang) first spotted something was amidst when 3 children and a dog looked at them like they saw a ghost. The guys disappeared and the girls are force to look for them and Rainie are believe they are in the hotel being held by a women ghost. One by one of them are going missing and at the end it left Rainie and the dog to save the day. She suspect that the owner (Lam Ka Tung) had something to do with the disappearance of her friends. Not gonna go into details what happened at the end but I am just a bit lost with the ending.

I'd decided to watched it in it's true glory which is in 3D. Well, at least I could say that there are some moments which really worth the additional RM5 for those 3D-glasses. I still felt that The Eye gave me the best shock among all their movies. But again those additional special effect did help on some cheap thrill. Go and watch it and let me know what you felt. (Rating: 4 out of 5)

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