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Thursday, October 28

House Renovation Continues

It's been a while since I last updated the status of my renovation. So what is the status now? Let's see, the electrical wiring and air conditioning work is up, plaster ceiling are done too. Scout around town for electrical appliances & kitchen accessories these few weeks. Got myself some really good bargain at those warehouse sales during the weekends. Backyard been cemented up and the fencing had been aligned too. Back door taken out and walled up done at the same time. One big hole at the back of my house right now as I am waiting for the security door to arrive. Damn~! There's one freaking big hole at the back of my house right now. And the security door company told me it's gonna be next week before they can send the door to me. WTF~~! At the mean time, started off with the table top on my wet kitchen while waiting for the door to arrive. Need to inform my cabinet people to start manufacturing the cabinets now. Grill almost ready and can be install anytime next week. Looking for painters to do repainting work inside my house while looking for shops selling cheap paints too. Hopefully can be accomplished before my Taiwan trip next month.

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