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Friday, October 29

I Survived Body Pump 76 @ Empire

I didn't really realized that Marcos was gonna do the new release in his class for his own practice till Track 2 actually. We did The Climb for warm up and I was thinking to myself, "this is not an old track and I did most of the warm ups tracks (at least everything after The Climb was released by Miley Cyrus). But when he did Telephone for the Squats track, I was confirmed. I didn't really update myself with the new release nowadays. The warm up was quite alright nothing too strong. Squats track as mentioned was Telephone by Lady Gaga but being remixed by Pandora BX. Quite a straight forward track. We have the singles with 4 sets of 4 bottom halves on each set. Then the fast down and hold before the 2 count up is back and going back to 2 count up and down. Great sing a long song. Actually he did the Chest track even the week before and I didn't even realized it as the song, Beautiful Day was an old song by U2. We can load up for this track as there's a break towards the end. 

Love the back track as you can really work your muscle with the tons of triple wide rows in this track. Again a no brainer track with 3 similar sets. Started with the dead lifts and go up twice clean & press and down for two single rows before going wide with 4 sets of triple rows. Combined all that and if I am not mistaken, there's an additional set of clean & press on the last set before we end. Triceps was a killer if you load up this time. Ke$ha is in the house for the Triceps this time around. There is no need for the bar for the Triceps track. Which means we have lots of dips, french press and kick backs. We started off with bench press (please load up on this) then triceps push ups (lots of singles and double down & up). Finished that off and we are going to kick backs and finish off with standing overhead triceps dips. 

Biceps isn't that crazy this time around as we have 2 breaks with 4 sets of similar moves. We have the new move from bottom to half way and down 3/4 before going back to half way and back down again before continuing with 2 singles. I think we have at least 4 sets of that. Lunges started off with squats so you can load up before going to individual lunges on both side, quite easy. We had one of the toughest shoulder track during the last release, so it's quite hard to top that. For the new Shoulder track, we started off with push ups (I think) and going to plates for side raises. But get this, we are still on one knees but doing the side raises. Cool~! Some Mc Raises before finishing off with the over head with bar. In fact, this track seemed to be quite easy for me even though I am carrying 7.5kgs for the overhead. 

For the abs track we have the alternate knee and abs crunch before ending with a new move called arrow push ups or some sort. Imagine you're on your plank but doing push ups. You will need to stretch your hand to the front (hence arrow) and then to the side before going back to the plank and then we move to the other arm. It's something similar to the previous release but different hand movement. I think they copied this from BB (since K-bear showed me this move before). Cooling down with Kris Allen's The Truth and there you have your new Body Pump 76 release. Sorry if there's some mistake on the chorey as it was a Wednesday night class and I had too much in my head. Enjoy~!

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