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Sunday, November 7

Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

I saw the preview of the movie few months back in the cinema and I had to say it's really interesting. I had to watch this movie. Finally I managed to watch the movie today and I totally love it. It might not be the best action movie I watched late like RED or A-Team but heck it brings a new meaning to teenager's love movies. The story tells of Scott Pilgrim who dates a high schooler, Knives Chau. He is playing in a band with his friends whom one of them is his ex. The story gets interesting when he meet up with his latest ex-gf, who is the lead singer of another famous band meet. But he found his true love when he meet a new girl in town, Ramona Flowers.

He managed to break off with Knives and be together with Ramona. But the thing is that, he need to get pass Ramona's 7 exes. Well, you thought how hard can that be? Trust me, they are all some crazy guys and even one chick. You know that this movie is gonna make you laugh really hard since the director, Edgar Wright brought us Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. Yes, I watched both that movie and I guess not everyone seen or heard of it before. But trust me, it's damn hilarious. It's another boy meets girl and breaks up with her and meet another girl who had 7 exes trying to kill you. Add that to some really cool special effects and for those who really like PC games, this is your cup of tea. (Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0)

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