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Friday, November 12

FF Empire's New Spinner Bike

 Finally the old bikes are replaced by the new ...
This is something new for us RPM members as I need to do trial and error on the height and distance of the saddle from the handle bar and all. This bike is similar to the one which TF is using right now. It's not our old 'resistance bike' but rather a 'spinner bike'. After a class with the bike I notice that the resistance level do not some time to get use to. Since it's a new bike, the resistance is always there which is good. One bad thing I found out bout the knob is that it's too small and too near to the handle bar. So imagine when you're doing standing climb and quickly come down to speed work, you will need to quickly reset the resistance, but in this case, you will need time to do that. Secondly, you will need to turn a lot to achieve the standing resistance from seated which is not the case with the old bike. Did I mentioned that the handle bar seemed a bit too thick/large? But you do have the slot in front to place your towel and bottle which is really convenient. The bar although is thick but to me it's a bit short cause I can't really place all my palm into it during ride easy position. Sigh~! 

There are some good side about the new bike of course. Looking at the enclose structure of the frontal part of the bike, it's impossible for our sweats to sip in. This prevent phantom bike phenomenon from happening and at the end less maintenance too. Better adjustable seat's lever. This will surely cut down on those broken knobs or over turned screws you saw on the old bikes.  But the rear part of the seat  do seemed a bit too long to me as I my leg got hit by it for several time when I am coming onto the bike last night. Clumsy me. Well these are just some of my findings anyway. Nevertheless, I am still very happy with the new bike. Just need time to get use of it.

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