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Monday, December 6

KL International Motor Show 2010 @ PWTC

Nissan GTR R600 
It's the time again where all the guys started rushing to PWTC with their DSLRs, digital cameras or phone camera trying their best to grab the best picture with the sexy model in this year KLIMS 2010. I think it was 4 years ago on my last visit over with my ex-colleagues. And this time around, they rang me up and asked me to joined them yet another time. This is place is so pack of people taking pictures of the models rather than the cars itself. Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of professionals taking pictures of those nice cool rides. But after the official work is done, there's no harm taking a pic or two with the model now ain't it.

 Nissan Fairlady 370Z Roadster
Nissan does has a large stage this year with their big cars especially the newly launching Teana sedan. Not seeing any Cefiro though. Nissan's models are more reserved and professional if you ask me. 

 Chevrolet 'bumble bee' Camaro 
Bumble bee is in town. That is the headline that everyone is saying before. Finally I saw the real bumble bee in the flesh (or rather metal). Sadly that you need to pay extra to get an up close and personal picture with the yellow Camaro.

KIA Cadenza 
Saw this new KIA on display which caught my eye, Cadenza. Cadenza actually derived from an Italian word if I am not mistaken. Not sure if the car will be made available here soon or not. But it's been displayed last year over at Riyadh Motor Show at Saudi.

 Rear View of KIA Cadenza

 KIA Optima 
The all new KIA Optima 2011. This is going to get Hyundai's Sonata a run for their money. Customers can choose either 2.0 or 2.4 liter standard or hybrid engine. Runs on direct injection and variable valve timing for the non hybrid. Not bad for a mid size sedan car. Forgot what's the price tag on the baby but we did ask the sales person. I think it's around 150-160K. Around the same with Hyundai's Sonata 2010.

 KIA Optioma Side View

 KIA Optima Rear View 

 Maserati Grandcabrio
I think I get the name right. Who doesn't recognize that logo in front of the car right. The name speaks it all. 

 Maserati Grandcabrio Rear View

 Maserati Quattroporte
Damn the name is winding. But they make good cars. 

Austin Martin DBS
I can't really differentiate the DB9 and DBS model. I am still determining between this two model. I finally decided it's a DBS based on the front grill and also the head lamp. Maybe you can let me know if I am right or wrong. Definitely a cool sweet ride since it's Britain's secret agent official car. 

Not a big fan of Lamborghini so I am not too sure what model is this. Anyone, please fill in the blank. Thanks. I am thinking a Gallardo maybe. But that's just me.
Ferrari 458 Italia
Everybody know the front horse logo signify horse power and that is what this baby is all about. Raw horse power and 560 h.p powered by 4,499 c.c V8 engine. 
 Ferrari California
The much hyped car from last year. Not bad for a hard-top convertible. Powered by front-mid mounted gasoline direct injection 4.3 L (260 cu in) V8. I think you can drive real slow in this ride right in front Pavilion.

Saw this in Auto Gear once. Not sure what it's called but it's really fast. Worried of getting wet riding on a motorcycle, then you can opt for this baby. But I am not sure how much you need to fork out for this baby. 

 Hyundai Avante 2011
This is Hyundai newly launched Avante (Elantra formerly). It's latest 1.6L Gamma Gasoline Direct Injection engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission really do speak for itself. This is the first GDI with 6-speed automatic compact sedan featured in Korea. HID headlight with LED. Did I mentioned that it also come option with an open panoramic sun roof.

 Hyundai Avante 2011 Side View
There are plenty of cars like their new Sonata 2010 and also Sante Fe and also Tucson but I guess we all saw it all this year. 

 Toyota FT-HS Hybrid
 OK, frankly, at a glance it's like Waja to me. Don't ask me why. Is the car smiling at me? At least this is the most futuristic hybrid car around.

Why does all Toyota's hybrid cars looks like spaceships? And NO, I am not taking picture of that model. I am actually asking her to move away from the car. 

 Toyota FT-HS Rear View 

 Honda Insight Hybrid
The much talked about hybrid car of the show, Honda's Insight. Why? Cause it's only RM98K. That is almost 30K lesser than Totoya's Prius Hybrid. Saw any resemblance?

Powered by 1,339 c.c with in-line 4 cylinder engine. Has a 123 lb-ft torque @ 1000-1700rpm. It's a 8-valve SOHC i-VTEC system. Running on DC brushless motor with 13hp @ 1500rpm. Able to output 100.8volts of power from the Nickel Metal Hydride battery with a rated capacity of 5.75 Ah. Design using Continuously Variable Transmission or CVT. The specs seemed decent enough for a hybrid but most importantly how much does petrol cost? They claimed it's as low as 10cent/km. So you be the judge of it.

 Honda Insight Rear View
We were always wondering why all hybrid's car rear are always that weird. Weird as in it's form or design. But we found out why when we saw the cut out of the whole car later on.
 We open up the rear bumper and it's really spacious surprisingly. So where does all the space comes from? Well they have to compensate that with the passengers seat at the back. The seats are really cramp at the back if you compared it with Prius. We push the front seat all the way to the back and the rear passenger seats are really uncomfortable. Trust me, if you are traveling for more than half an hour, you don't wanna sit at the back. But for the price you're paying, why not?

 Honda Insight Front Cut Out

This is why the rear bumper are lifted so high. It's because the battery are stored at underneath the spare tyre compartment. And they can't place the battery underneath the passenger seats at the back for safety purposes I guess hence the cramp design consequently.

Honda CR-Z Sport Hybrid
Honda featured another new hybrid which is their new CR-Z 2011. It's a in-line 4-cylinder engine type running on 1,497 c.c. A combined horse power of 122 @ 6000rpm from the engine and electrical motor. It's a 16-valve SOHC iVTEC.3 types of driving mode to choose from (Sport/Normal/ECON). But they are not promoting much of this model during the show.

 Honda CR-Z Hybrid
Not sure what is the price tag for this baby but it's sure is nicer compared to Insight.
Honda Civic Type R Euro 2011
Now this is what I call a street ride. Honda is famous for their signature Type R logo with the red color on the letters. I noticed the leather seats and fine thread work on the seats and straight away shouted TYPE R. Yes, it's their famous Civiv Type R Euro model. This is a special edition with 3-door which only market in Japan.

The car's 2.0litre VTEC engine does not meet the Euro V emissions regulations hence it's not coming to Europe anytime soon. So it's only gonna be seen in Japan for now. Technically the specs are unchanged from the 2009 Type R with it's inline 4-cylinder 2.0 litre engine that produces 201hp at 7800rpm and 142.3lb-ft of torque available from 5600rpm. Acceleration to 62mph can be done in 6.6sec and top speed is 235kmh.

This car is so meant to be made in red. 

 Lexus IS 250 Hybrid
Even Lexus joined in the fun with the hybrid bandwagon with their two luxury sedan cars.

Overall, the whole motor show seemed a bit small to me compared to my previous visit. I'm not sure why. I expected more maybe. I didn't really went into Proton's hall and look at the 5 concept models namely Jebat, Tuah, Lekiu, Kasturi and Lekir. Kasturi is actually a dressed up model of Saga BLM with a facelift, Tuah from a next generation Persona, Lekiu a front-wheel drive SUV similar to Exora MPV, Lekir is Lotus Europa and finally Jebat from the newly launced Inspira. A was hoping to see more Europeans cars like Audi or BMW or even Mercedes. Peugeot did showcased their newly launched 3008 and also 5008 MPV though. For RM15, I think it's still worth the time and make sure you have plenty of memory for all the pictures you're gonna take.

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