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Thursday, December 2

One of thos days

Sorry for the lack of updates lately as I time is really catching up on me nowadays. No I am not dying. Duh~! I mean I don't have enough time to work, rest and blog that's all. Anyway, my last post tells of my trip to Taiwan with my babe. After the trip we are back to our normal routine of work and family. As for me, I am rushing for my house renovation as the contractor is delaying the work while I am away on holiday. Had to go over almost everyday for the whole week to check on the progress and kept calling him up. All the traveling, driving, work and gym might had exhausted myself without me realizing it. Hence, I am sick like a dead rat this week. It started off with a mild fever with me shivering cold at the middle of the night and some minor sore throat. Well this is all a sign of major sickness coming my way from my pass experience. Drank lots of water and sore throat is gone. Decided to visit the doc and she told me that I should experience diarrhea in these few days time. Damn, she's good. I went right to the loo once I reached home that day. And I had been having no appetite these few days due to the antibiotics which she gave me. Now I am hungry, weak, tasteless, lost of appetite, exhausted and still have to get my arse up from the bed to work every morning and still make time to go monitor my house progress everyday. I hope that my life would return to normal soon or I am going to die of exhaustion.

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