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Monday, December 27

Two Weddings & A Christmas Dinner

Last week was definitely a hectic one for me. Christmas eve was a bit pathetic by spending it home alone watching movies at home. I am not complaining here since it's nice spending some quality time on my own (???). Why am I alone? Well, babe was busy going shopping with her mom for her brother's wedding the next day (Saturday). Anyway, dinner was set on Christmas night and it was a small gathering of only relatives which I thought was nice and simple. After the dinner we had second round over at the parents house and we tried to leave early as I got another Heng Tai session a couple of hours later at Sri Petaling for my ex-colleague.

After a short nap, woke up and got ready for Terrence's Heng Tai session. Yup, it's that time again where the Zhi Mui (ladies) make a mockery of the Heng Tai (guys) day. Reached at the rendezvous point at 7am and we managed to wrapped everything up around before 10am.  Surprisingly the games are some what simple and more 'gentle' from the previous ones that I had experience or saw. 

Drove super fast back down to babe's house as we forgot to pick up the Christmas dinner present from her house last night. Damn~ I am sure I got a speeding ticket over at KESAS on the way back as I am doing 150kmh when I saw that blardy blue shirt fella in front of me. Quickly had a quick nap for an hour before getting ready again for the wedding luncheon. The whole event was really nice as I had the chance to meet up and chat with my ex-colleagues. Food was good and the ambiance was great.

Finished up and left for home to wrapped on the presents before resting for a while before the Christmas dinner with the mates at gym. Managed to find the secluded place and we felt so homely as it's really inside a triple storey-house. Food was great, the best company we could have and the noise and non stop laughter and joke cracking sessions we had are unforgettable. Luckily the neighbors next door didn't called the police to complaint on noise pollution from our side.

As usual, gift ex-change sessions was hilarious and  full of surprises. I was really nervous for the person whose gonna get my present as it's a bit unpractical but damn it's so cute. Was relieved that TJ got it and she's really loving it.  Dinner started a bit late but we all had a lot of laugh and finally when the food arrived, we all dig in like a bunch of hungry wolves. Food was marvelous and even the senior citizens in the other room couldn't spoil our mood that night. We concluded the night after midnight as some of us need to work the next day and I need to send babe back to Klang. Just wanna say thanks to the organizers for successful dinner and definitely a memorable one. Merry Christmas again and a Happy New Year Yer All~!!! Cheers!!!

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