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Sunday, January 2

Hello 2011, Goodbye 2010

So what happened last year? I had my ups and downs during 2010 but overall it was a good ride most of the time for me. Let me share what are some of the highlights for my 2010 calendar now.
  1. My first concert of the year and also 2nd for S.H.E in Malaysia. A good way to start the year off. 
  2. During the mid of the year, I had finally received the keys to my new home. After a year long wait, finally it's ready and the start of my new life. 
  3. I had finally proposed to my long time sweet heart on her birthday. Pre-planned my whole proposal and with some help from some good friends, the night turned out to be a memorable one.
  4. Finally babe and me went for our long awaited trip over to Taiwan. It was a long wait since we bought the tickets more than half a year ahead but it was worth the wait. Memorable and sweet memories. 
  5. Upgraded to the new iPhone 4 from my old iPhone 3GS. hahaha!!! 
Hopefully by this year 2011, my house will be ready for me to move in before Chinese New Year and I can start to plan ahead for my BIG DAY. Yes, most of the people started asking me bout the DAY since late last year. Soon la, you will all know when I had decided it. OK?! haha! Happy New Year to all my readers~! Cheers!

note: pic courtesy of Google Image search

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