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Wednesday, April 20

One After The Other

What a weekend full of sickness and mishaps. It all started on Friday night while I am home alone eating a souped up extra spicy thick Tom Yum noodle I bought Phuket recently. I woke in the middle of the night feeling that my throat was all dried up and it's one of those super sore throat coming soon. So I quickly drank a lot of water and went to the loo a couple of times the whole night since I drank the whole 3 liters of water that night alone. Next day, sore throat become better in the evening but my nose started to get clogged and running side by side. Super annoying at this stage as it was damn hard to sleep. The next day the running nose still continued and my sore throat had finally gone. But another bigger surprise is creeping up my body slowly. Sunday night was the worst for me as I couldn't really sleep that well. I had a bit of breathing issue. I can't take deep breath and need to rely on my mouth to inhale and exhale. 

Try imagining having running nose and difficulty of breathing at the same time. FARK!! Got up for work the next day with the whole body aching and clogged nose again. I still have difficulty breathing at this point but not as difficult as I am lying down. After the meeting, I decided to visit the doctor and she told me that I have no high blood pressure and the fever. But I have an infection on my throat which explains the soreness. Plenty of flam in my lung which blocked my lung hence making me difficult to breath properly. She diagnosed me with a mild asthma and I was shocked. I never had this experience before or any history of if. Well, maybe it's a good time that I cut down on my cold drinks. haha! 

Took medical leave for Monday and Tuesday and stayed home. On Tuesday, I'd decided to drop by the gym to give myself some workout and since I requested some tracks from Sue P, I know she's gonna kill me if I FFK her class. Skipped BS and sent my car to the car wash over at SS15 petrol station. Was talking on the phone with my lunch buddy when I felt a pull on my necklace. Initially I thought it was someone I know just pulling a prank on me but it I know it wasn't when the pull become intense and it happened so fast. The next thing I know, I saw this young Malay guy alone on his bike attempted to grab my necklace but failed. He didn't even wore a helmet that time. Everyone nearby came over and asked me how I am. 

Luckily he was alone on the heist and wasn't able to grab a hold of my necklace that firm. If he had an accomplice, I think I would say bye bye to my necklace by now. Luckily he didn't grab my iPhone, which I am really surprised. Anyway, it was a shocking experience for me but nothing was taken and I wasn't hurt, well if not counting the small red bruises on my neck due to the pulling of the necklace. I am all fine. Wednesday morning now and back to the office working with my nose all fix and breathing back to normal. Boss out station for the next two days, so it's just me and the office. Sweet~~~~!!!

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