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Friday, April 15

Finally Up & Loaded

Finally the day for my Unifi installation had been done this morning. Appointment was for 9.30 but they came at 10am, I can accept that. Took half day off work (^^) to monitor the installation. I had already planned where I wanted to place the modem, router and phone which is on my living room upstairs. Hence I need to pull the fiber up to my back room and across the room. They are alright with the idea and when they look around my back lawn, they realized that the floor cover for them to do the cabling had been sealed. Damn~!! They give me the option to hack open my cement floor. HELL NO!!

So they have no choice but to hack open the outdoor cement to conceal the fiber to my house. I think my contractor didn't realized when he sealed up the hole during the construction. Damn~!!! As you can see from above, they made a pathway on the walkway and covered it back with cement with the cables inside. 

No this is not a ball of thread. It's actually bigger than you think. It's actually a big roll of fiber optic cables. Yup, one whole roll of them. They were quite generous in their installation although it's mentioned that only first 15m of fiber are FOC and any additional will need to be charge to the owner.
So what do I get from the package? I subscribed for their VIP 5 which cost me RM149/month. The package include this DECT phone from Motorola. I have unlimited free calls to all TM fixed line nationwide. Fixed rate of 10cent/min to all mobile numbers nationwide. 

This is the wireless router that come with the package. It's actually from D-Link but TM OEM from them so you can see a big TM logo on top of the router. 

This is the modem from HuaWei. I am not sure why they didn't just give me a wireless router with modem all in one. Now I have an additonal power supply plug for the modem and router. Sigh~! 

Last but not least the IPTV box. With this I can watch FREE local channels and some other not so popular ones outside the country. For those Channel [V] or Hollywood movies, you will need to pay from RM6-RM9 to subscribe. For VOD (video on demand), you will need to pay more and for limited time only. For now, it's FOC to all Unifi subscribers to view all the channels until end of this month. Woo Hoo!But first I will need to find myself a TV first. Damn~!

 And as promised, my connection was able to achieve at least 80% of the 5MB.This is tested using my iPhone 4 on WiFi. I heard my friend can even get more than 6000kbps at PJ area.

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