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Wednesday, May 11

Free Weight + Machines Workout

Started my machine + free weight regime yesterday on my lower body with an instructor. He invited me to joined him with his own training every week. Well, since I have time to spare and he is so kind to offer so I obliged. He was telling me that we were supposed to do some biceps and chest and maybe core workout since we be having a lot of lower body workout (BS, BP and BC) on that day. But when I arrived, he started to briefed me on the work out plan and it was mostly on lower body. OK, I am still comfortable with that since I do not know what to expect at that time. I started off slow with 25kgs (maybe more I forgot) on each side and do a 12 full range Squats. I am still able to do that without any challenge and we quickly moved on to the next machine, the Leg Extensions machine. It's main objective is to train our quadriceps. Now here's the hard part of the training starts. 

Started off easy with 25kgs with 12 reps and add additional 5-10kgs after each set which at the end the weight goes up to 45kgs. Damn, my thigh still hurts now as I am writing this. This is the first time I am working my thigh so much. I did RPM, BS and BP and never did my thigh felt so tight (oh that rhymes). Walked back and did the Squats again with increase weight since he said I can managed more. Dang~! I was dying after the 3rd set. Moved on to the Leg Press machine which again works on the quadriceps. Did a 12 reps again with 60kgs of weight. Then walked over and did the Squats again and changed to the Seated Leg Curl machine. This machines trains our hamstrings as opposed to the Leg Extension machine. Just to balance the front back back muscles of the leg. Did the last set of Let Press and ended my first machine workout. 

He told me that I should be feeling pretty hungry than usual that night since lower body workout let us work more on our body compared to upper since it's the biggest muscle in our body. The classes after that was definitely more challenging than usual since my body isn't used of the new exercise yet, which is good. BS was still alright with me taking some options rather than go all out like I normally did. BP was killing me during the Squats tracks. I can't even do a full range without feeling pain on my quads. Dang~! Didn't shuffle that much during BC too since my legs felt like they are giving way during the 5th track. Anyway, this is something new and I really hope that I can continue with this since I am a bit tired of the classes nowadays. Need to find something else to excite my body. And NO, I don't do outdoor sport especially MARATHON!

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