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Tuesday, May 31

Si Beh Sui~!

This is a post long over due since it happened exactly one week ago. Well thinking back right now does make me felt a bit happy right since all the bad luck had passed. So my story started last Monday when I realized that my road tax expired on the day itself. Dang~! Luckily I got my lunch buddy with me who has contact to renew my insurance through the phone for me. But I still can't renew my road tax since the car registration card is not with me and the post office gonna close soon. Why can't I renew it the next day, well cause I have a last minute appointment down South after lunch hour which requires me to drive down early in the morning before the post office opens. Dang~! 

So I 'slowly' drove and hopes that there's no road block on my way down. When I just started to felt a bit relieved since I am just a couple of hundred kilometers form JB, I heard a loud noise. I thought it was a stone hitting onto my car but I got suspicious and decided to stop the car and have a look. Damn~! I got a flat tire and I am rushing for my lunch appointment. So I quickly get all the tools out and changed to my spare tire. Well at least my spare tire is still able to make the journey down. 

Renewed my road tax and just realized that my driving license had expired more than 3 weeks. WTH?!! This month had been too hectic for me till I forgot all bout anything else. Remembered the meeting I was supposed to have for the trip? Well after a long discussion and a few drinking session, the client decided to put the whole thing on hold. WTF? After all the work and time me and my company had put in, he decided to put it on hold. Sigh~! Speechless~!!! But at least my I managed to secured another deal while I am down there. 

Reached the usual hotel I am staying and while I am checking in, the front desk told me that the room I was supposed to be in had a blardy beam right in the middle of the room. So I decided to upgrade my room to Deluxe and he told me it's the last room on the floor next to the Exit with a number 24. And when I wanna changed back to my original room he told me that he found out that the room haven't been clean yet. WTH? So I got no choice and upgrade and stayed on the last room of the floor. Well since I am not that superstitious, I guess this is alright. haha! Ya, after all this complaint and I am not superstitious. 

Other than all the above, my trip had actually been quite nice and fruitful. Since I managed to closed another deal and traveling down Singapore to meet up with my friends. And I think I meet with Stephanie S while I am sipping my coffee too. Now, that is the highlight of the trip. haha! All Wells Ends Well I guess. 

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