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Wednesday, June 15

Les Mills Release 3rd Quarter

It's been a while since I wrote any reviews on Les Mill's releases. Well, since I am in the mood right now and I the tracks are still fresh in my head. I thought to give it a go. This review is based solely on my own opinion and not biased to anyone. Not going into real details for some part of the release. So you get the idea how much I like/don't like that program. LOLX!! So here goes. As usual, I am will only write on the four GX programs which I joined namely RPM, Body Combat, Body Pump and Body Step.

Body Pump 78
Like the Warm Up track from Basshunter. Little squats movement in this warm up though. Sing a long track in Squats with Beautiful Monster. Not that tough, can add on weights. Bottom halves of 4 not that much. So you can load up. Chest is quite difficult cause you the track is so darn long. Well for me that is. Gun & Roses are back. The last part of bottom halves before the break and singles all the way seemed a bit crazy but I like it. Back track is a no brainer 3 sets of similar combos. We have four in a row for two sets and down for singles. 

Triceps is simple in this release. You can go crazy in this release. We have the usual extension and body blast before going to the board with the plates towards the end. Again, you can load up on biceps in this release. Great song from Pink, Raise Your Glass which I personally really love. Combo of 4 bottom halves and quick up and slow down. You have dead lift pull over for you to rest in this track. Lunges should be the toughest track but heck, I go crazy with my weights on this track. This is a HUGE track with squats then lunges and squats then back to lunges and squats then lunges on both side towards the end. Gotta be one of the toughest lunge track without the knee lift movement to date. Shoulder track is good with powerful music of Welcome to Africa. Started off with push up then plates and up with plates and McRaises and finish off with the overhead. Abs is quite similar to the previous release which I think they are going more on the side crunch. Overall, I like this release, and I can do it for 3 weeks. 

RPM 51
Had the chance to do the launch with Lilian and Fong last week during the launch. The focus or objectives is the 15 second speed work on track 2, 4 & 6 and load up on track 3, 5 and 7. Warm up with a nice song from Ke$ha again. Pace track is good with Half Way Gone (although we're only on the second track). First Hill Climb with Raise Your Glass although it's not the original mix from Pink. Now your muscle should start to feel a bit of pain. Mixed Terrain track from Flo-Rida's Turn Around really blend well with the chorey. Totally love it but felt like it's too short. Interval training is good with Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Don't really like the Speed Work from Tiesto since I can't really 'feel' the music with the chorey. LOLX! LP is finally in RPM with the last Mountain Climb. Well, not them but their remix of Numb which I really like. Not my favorite remix of the original but still alright. In my opinion if the last standing attack is longer by 10-15seconds, now that is a Killer. Felt like I can still push a bit more towards the end. Overall, the release is alright not as crazy as the previous one but I am live with this. 

Body Combat 48
This release is definitely better than the previous one from my opinion. Class was packed and didn't know what to expect. We have a nice upper body warm up with In My Head and Airplanes which both I really like (the music that is). Don't think there's any new moves in this warm up. Smooth Criminal is back for this release. It's a recycle from Body Pump 44. Like the music and also chorey. We have a new 'step-evade' move on track 3. It's a 4 step move to evade and back. Not bad. I can live with that. We have eskiva and front kick combo during Track 4. Track 5 was nice with a familiar track of If I Were You (from Body Combat 22 Warm Up). Really nice track. Track 6 was treacherous with  plenty of side kicks and also front and back kick combos. 

Muay Tai is a long one but with simple combos. You started off with 4 descending elbows and double knee of each side. 7 punch and crosses with one descending elbow and a whole lot of knees. The last power track is bringing everything home. We have masterblaster in the house again. Like the music and chorey too. Plenty of punches in this track and the whole release. The Black Eyes Peas is in the house with The Time for the abs track. Plenty of abs working on this track. Definitely a tough baby with 2-2 push up and triple bottom halves shoulder push up. Then you go to legs extension and a new tougher extension with crunches. Nice cool down and that's it. I can do 3 weeks of this release. So that say's a lot. 

Body Step 84
I gotta say that I am really looking forward for Body Step 84 but I was really disappointed. Let's see why. Warm up was still bearable with some new moves but I totally lost it (in terms of my mood) during Track 2. Damn, I can't even heard what the music is playing, just heavy bass. Track 3 don't really help much too with some new chorey. Movement is the same but the way they combined it seemed odd. The burpy is back during the Mixed Strength. I totally hate doing burpy. Power Peak tried to pick up the paced, well a bit for me at least. Step Recovery was alright. Party Step was alright too and I was looking forward to the last Peak track to save me from this release. But damn, it's so irritating. There's this new movement in the Peak track. Well actually it's not a new movement but rather combo where we need to carry a weight (5-10kgs) and during the last part of the track and switching back to single and back to plates. Damn it's so anti-climax for me. Some of the members already told me bout this before the class and I thought how bad could it be. Well, it's really not my favorite of track definitely. Came out and told Brian that he won't be seeing me for 3 weeks in Body Step class. LOLX!!! 

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