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Tuesday, June 21

Which TV To Buy?

Finally I am moving nearer to my home entertainment system. I am getting a TV soon and had been discussing with my neighbors and friends bout it. I had been scouting around for months deciding what to buy. LCD, Plasma or LED. Some friends are recommending LCD but some of my more experience AV fans had recommended Plasma instead. But I too considered LED for a while since I can get a smaller size LED for the same price of a larger Plasma. But all of that is behind me as I had decided to go with Plasma now after long consideration. I had been eyeing for LG's 50" Full HD Plasma since early this year. Price is within my budget but since I haven't moved in my house (at that time) I had put the idea on hold. 

Now I had moved in and it's time to get myself a decent TV. So my quest continues where it left off last time for a home entertainment. I was again faced with a decision either to go with a 3D Plasma since the color is more darker and reflection issue is lower on it's panel. But definitely the price of a 3D Plasma would be higher comparing with the standard one. At the end decided to go with the normal one. Now is the brand issue. As mentioned earlier, I had been eyeing for LG for so long but lately my friends had recommended me Panny and   well, the thing that hinder me of it was the pricing. But now my friend was able to give me a really price for the Panny Plasma that is similar to LG. How can I say no. 

Can't wait to go test out the Panny new 50" Plasma this week. Gonna mostly test on it's USB connectivity and the files that it support. Since we download a lot of movies, so the model should be able to support the common files nowadays. Hopefully I can bring the baby home early next month so I can enjoy my shows through my Unifi in HD quality. And moving one step closer to buy my PS3 too. lolx!! It's such a good time to dream in the morning when my head is still half awake. After getting my Plasma, the next would be getting a good soundbar to support it. But that is another story la~ 

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