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Monday, July 4

My First Media Player - HiMedia H600A

Finally I'd decided on my media player after some long online searching through forums. The winner is HiMedia from China. OK, I know some of you are probably thinking how good is a China made product is. Well, this could be the heavy weight champion of the media player if I do say so myself. And the price is really reasonable too. You can probably get a media player for less than RM100 nowadays but I am looking for something that support 1080p Full HD for my coming plasma TV. So I need something good and also not burn my wallet at the same time. You can have other more expensive brand like Ac Ryan HD2 or Western Digital's Media TV, but those price tag will go as high as RM500-RM600 and above. So I don't need that. 

I am looking for something that support most of the common video files like, *iso, *ts, *mkv, *avi and *rmvb. Second would be the video format which support from 480p up to 1080p (60Hz). So for 1080p I will need a HDMI 1.3 input from the media player which is really important. Not many players out there which support a 1.4 version of the HDMI but I am not using that for my Plasma so it doesn't make any different here. I heard that v1.4 only applicable for 3D-LED for their high speed transfer. Another important thing is the user friendly GUI and also redesigned remote control. The remote control is really solid and has all the short cuts available with a single push of a button. It doesn't really look like anything from China in fact. 

Just tested it out with my old 20" CRT TV the whole weekend and was really satisfied by it. But using it on a 20" CRT is like installing a turbo charge engine inside a Kancil. LOLX! Now I am still thinking whether to wait for the new LG's PV250 50" FHD Plasma or just get Panny's U30K instead. Contemplating~!!! 

5 Octopus:

Chin Eng said...

bro, how much is the media player?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

now on promo price is RM300. If you wan with WiFi RM350. or u can just get a dongle for that but waste a USB slot. very good quality player. highly recommended.

Chin Eng said...

sorry a dump question, the Wifi capability is for .... ?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

if u have a network at home, you can use the network to transfer movies which is really useful and you can use the media player to download movies too as it has a build in BT and other software inside. js connect a DNS or HDD to it and it's a station already :)

nam ha said...

You have new product Himedia 910b?

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