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Tuesday, July 5

Street Fighter IV Volts

I was browsing the new apps section in iTunes when I came across this. It's Street Fighter IV Volts. It'd just released on the 30t Jun. I only managed to download it the next day since I need for it to be available in the free section. There is a new introduction price for this new apps as follow:

For limited time, we are offering “Street Fighter IV VOLT -Battle Protocol-(Fixed price $6.99)“ for below price!!
“Starting” 2011/6/30 : $0.99
From 2011/7/1 00:00am PST : $1.99
From 2011/7/2 00:00am PST : $2.99
From 2011/7/3 00:00am PST : $3.99
From 2011/7/4 00:00am PST : $4.99
From 2011/7/5 00:00am PST : $5.99
From 2011/7/6 00:00am PST : $6.99 (Fixed price)
Price goes up one day at time so get while you can!!

So if you are getting it today, you can still save $1 from it's fixed price of $6.99. Anyway, what is new from this installment of Street Fighter IV Volts from it's predecessor? Well for one, it has 3 new characters namely, Barlog, Vega and Cody. The graphics seemed to be almost the same with the predecessor but with some minor change in the Ultra Combos execution CG. I trust that Capcom is doing as much as possible to mimic the iPhone version of the game with it's Arcade or PS3. I still can't really feel the Retina Display on the game here but it's still a very awesome game. 

Other than the 3 new characters, the developer had also added a new feature which enable the players to fight against other players around the world via WiFi. Yup, you heard me right, you will be challenge by anybody anytime if you enable your WiFi. I was surprised too when I was being challenged during my first time playing this new version. But it was very laggy from my side. Not sure how it was from the other end though. Mind you I am using my home's Unifi line that time.You can earn points and status after each duel and show it to the world. Pretty nifty, since you can now brag to your friends of your awesome-ness. hahaha!   

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