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Monday, August 22

Planet of The Apes .... The Complete Episode

After watching the The Rise of Planet of The Apes few weeks back. I was really amazed how much the digital world had improved. For me both have their own advantage. I walked in the cinema with high expectation since I heard great reviews from the media. And at the end, I walked out the cinema full of praises on the movie. The star of the movie would be Caesar of course. I think everyone will agree with me on that. It tells the story of a Dr. Will Rodman (James Franco) trying to find a cure for Alzheimer. He uses apes to try on the "cure" and  unknown to him that  the "cure" enhanced  the brain functionality of the apes. The first ape was name "Bright Eyes" (it's the same name Dr. Zira from Planet of The Apes from the 1968 movie gave the astronaut, Tylor). 

Cut story short, Bright Eyes gave birth to Caesar (you will hear this name again on the 3rd installment of the episode) who in turn freed all the apes and bring his kind to a revolution. Hence the tagline of the movie, Evolution becomes Revolution. After watching the movie I was really tempted to re-watched the original 1968 movie again. Yup, I'd watched all the 5 episodes since I was really young. And so I did. 

The 1968 movie stared Charlton Heston (he's like George Clooney of our time). It tells of an astronaut, Taylor who crashed landed on a planet after going through a worm hole. The year written on the ship is 3950. He believe that it's another dimension or planet when he discovered that the planet is inhibit by talking apes and humans are being hunted for sport and used as test rat like we so did in our time. Human can't talk in the future and during a freak shoot out, Taylor throat was hurt and he wasn't able to speak. During that  time he meet Dr. Zila and her husband Cornelius. The apes go crazy when they discovered that Taylor can speak and decided to dissect him and experiment on him (just like we human will do if we found a talking ape). But Dr.Zila & Cornelius help Taylor escaped to the forbidden zone. There he discovered the ultimate truth of the human race. The planet is actually earth some 2000 years in the future. The story ends with Taylor discovering the Statue of Liberty as in the movie poster. Cool~! 

The second installment came two years later in 1970 starring James Franciscus as Brent the astronaut from Taylor's time coming in search of the latter. Taylor was ventured into the forbidden zone together with Nova and went missing. Brent discovered Nova and was brought to the Ape City where they meet Dr.Zila and Cornelius. They were caught and was being sent for target practice. They managed to escape with the help of Dr.Zila and Cornelius and decided to venture into the forbidden zone in search of Taylor. There, Brent found the New York subway and know of the fate of the human race. There they encountered mutated human with mental powers which captured Taylor. The gorillas decided to venture into the forbidden land in search of them and at the end battle with the human over there. Brent, Nova and Taylor was killed at the end but before Taylor died, he had activated the doomsday bomb and everything on the face of the earth was annihilated.  

The third installment came a year after that in the year 1971. It continues with Dr.Zila, Cornelius and Dr. Milo landed on Earth several years after Brent and Taylor went missing. Three of them salvaged the space ship from Taylor's crash site and managed to repair and flew off in time watching the future earth being wiped out from the doomsday bomb activated by Taylor. Dr.Milo was killed by a gorilla in the zoo (ironically) while Dr.Zila and Cornelius is being treated like honored guest when humans found out that they can actually speak. But a certain Dr. Otto found out about the down fall of the human race and destruction of the earth in the future and decided to stop at all cost the birth of Dr.Zila's son. Yup, the baby was born at the end and was name Baby Milo (in memory of Dr.Milo). And yes, this is how the brand Bape (Bathing Ape) came alive. Both the parents died at the end while leaving Baby Milo to Armando of the circus. 

After 20 years of the killing of Dr. Zila and Cornelius, Baby Milo grew up and name Caesar (I don't know why). The world as told by Dr.Zila previously had used apes as household pets replacing cats and dogs. Cats and dogs in the world died of an infection several years back and human decided to train apes to be their pets and subsequently slaves to do their works. Caesar shouted "lousy human bastards" when he saw some guard mistreated an ape. Armando gave himself up but Governor Breck & Capt Kopl didn't believe him as they believe that the child from Dr.Zila still lives. At the end Armando died and when Caesar found out about this, he had finally had enough and decided to raise up together with the other apes and take back their freedom. As he believe that freedom can only be achieve with power. At the end of  the movie, the city burn down in rubble  and Caesar walk off together with Lisa, her partner. 

Finally the last installment of the movie. I am a bit confused of the time line but I will try to explain as much as I can. The movie starts off with some introduction of The Great Lawgiver in the early 21st century (if I am not mistaken). He tells the history of the ape king, Caesar after a decade of the ape revolution and the downfall of human race. Caesar tried to find a place where human and ape can live in harmony. Human are still not equal yet and are being watched by apes at that time. Human are teaching apes how to write and read. Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (the same tagline from Bape line of clothing) is the oldest and sacred rule of the apes. With the help of MacDonald (the descendant of the assistant of Governor Breck) and Virgil, they managed to obtained the footage of  Caesar's parents trial and got to know some part of the future. 

The descendant of Capt Kopl is now the so-called leader of the inhabitant of the waste land once called New York city. They discovered the ape city and decided to destroy it once and for all. General Aldo gorilla head decided to kill all the humans and even Caesar if he tries to stop him and accidentally overheard by Cornelius (Caesar's son) and killed him. The human led by Kopl attacked the city but was defeated at the end. The remaining of the soldiers decided to activate the doomsday bomb but at the end called it off. Caesar believe that the future can be change depending on how the ape and people can learn to co-exist with each another. And that is how the movie ends with the Great Lawgiver looking upon the human kids playing with the apes. 

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