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Tuesday, August 16

R U Ready?!!

Wow! It's been a while since my last update. Honestly, a bit lazy after moving into my new place. Too comfy to do anything. Just wanna sit down on my nice comfy sofa while watching some movies on my big screen TV. It's really true what they said, that when you have your own home, you won't be going out that much anymore. Now I totally understand and agreed with this idea. So what's up with my life lately. Well, let's see. I'd cut down on my classes in gym. After close to 5 years of work out I had finally decided to slow down on my pace. Getting old? Well, maybe I am just entering another phase of life. There are priority in life and well, working out in the gym shouldn't be the only life I aim for. 

OK, enough bout the serious stuff. Last week me and babe went over to Taman Pertanian, Bukit Cahaya over at Shah Alam. Babe went over previous with her friends for the Flying Fox thingy. This time around we went over for Paintball. Yup, this is my first game of paint ball. We paid around RM100 (inclusive of lunch) for 500 rounds of bullets. I think I get that correct since I am not the one that booked the game. There were 10 of us that morning. But one of the girl decided not to joined after her bf paid the money. haha! She was too afraid after hearing the sound of the rifles in the park. 

So we were briefed on how to operate the air rifles and gearing up before entering the battle field. The equipment was a bit gross since it's very wet and smelly. Sigh~! The air rifles is quite heavy but since I work out a lot, it's a piece of cake for me haha! There were a lot of people when we arrived around 10am. The place was fully booked but we still managed to get a spot to sport. First terrain was jungle where we get familiarize with the rifles and aiming. We split into team of 4 person each and started the game. Rest awhile before moving up to the next location. I think they called it Sacred Ground or something. It's much bigger and more room to move and cover. There's a Marshall to monitor us together with our scout. 

We finished the game around 2.30pm. Damn it was a long day. I was super exhausted. I got shot once on the tummy (damn that hurt) and grace another on my head. I need to say that I am pretty good at this game although it's my first time playing it. Got myself a lot of head shots too. haha! Playing Counter-Strike or any other FPS is really different from the real one. You got to smell the sweat, the dirt and the fear in your enemies eyes when you aim at that. Definitely going back again with more people to join. And it's so damn exhilarating when I got to shout to the other team "Are You Ready?". Beh Tahan!!! 

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