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Tuesday, September 27

Nasi Lemak 2.0

Finally I had managed to watched this very movie which caused so much buzz lately in the cinema. Not it's not Johnny English. It's our own local production called Nasi Lemak 2.0. The movie is directed by non other than the controversial blogger Namwee. I wasn't sure if I wanna watch this movie in the first place but I had a few good response from my friends for the movie and decided to watched it before it was taken down. Damn, booking the ticket itself was damn hard. Almost all the halls are full each day. Even the midnight shows. Finally managed to get some tickets over the new MBO at Subang Parade. 

The movie features a lot of local celebrities like Adibah Noor, comedian Afdlin Shauki, singer Reshmonu, violinist Dennis Lau, local singer Karen Kong, ex-DJ cum blogger Pete Teoh and some veteran actor and singers like Dato' David Arumugam (Alleycats) and Kenny & Chee (babba & nyoya) and lastly Miss Malaysia herself Nadine Ann Thomas. The movie focus on Namwee as Chef Huang who acts like a savior to the neighborhood after being saved by someone when he was young. He and Kak Noor (Adibah Noor) are like fire and water as the latter sells nasi lemak at her stall opposite his restaurant and was doing very well. Xiao K (Karen) came over to seek Chef Huang help to save her family restaurant and this embarks the journey of Chef Huang and Xiao K. 

Along the way they meet with Baba & Nyonya (Chee & Kenny) who teaches Chef Huang how to cook real sambal. Then they went to meet Curry Master (David Arumugam) who only speaks Tamil to learn about spices. Finally they meet with Hero Resh (Reshmonu) and also fisherman (Afdlin Shauki) who has four beautiful wifes and kids. Finally Chef Huang has a final showdown with his former classmate, Lan Qiao (Dennis Lau). OK, maybe the story line isn't that solid but heck it's a movie about our country and the best part is that we can really relate to all of the stuff from the movie in our daily life. Take for instance, electricity being cut off without any warning, how cold our local car's air cond is and how the power window stop working after 2 years. There are a lot of remarks made towards the government but it's all very true. 

It talks about unity and the spirit of 1Malaysia in the movie. How 3 different races work together to achieve peaceful harmonious living. The director did take some shots on some issues like the Lingam case and also the pornographic sex scandal case by one of our local chief. I think, only us Malaysian can truly understand and feel the whole movie is all about. I don't think anyone like Hong Kong or even Singaporean understand some of the jokes being made in the movie. Unless you really do follow Malaysia news a lot. Lastly, the movie does gave me a lot of laugh and something to ponder on. If there's a chance, I would watch it a second time. haha~! Walao Eh Walao Eh Walao Eh~!!!! 

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