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Thursday, October 6

The Legacy of Steve Jobs

I was driving my car early this morning when I heard the radio mentioning someone died and it sounded like Steve Jobs (1955-2011). Yes, it's confirmed after I quickly browsed through Apple's website during the bumper the bumper jam. You can send your regards and condolences HERE. It was just a day (more or less) after Apple unveiled their latest iPhone 4S to the market. I think it came to a shock to all the people in the world hearing about this. Everyone knows that he decided to take an absence of work before the launch and I thought that he just wanted to recuperate after a long work. Everyone knows that he survived his past cancer problems but I guess God decided that HE too wanted someone as genius as him to be next to him up there. Maybe God wanted an iGod? OK, bad joke. 

Along these years, Steve changed a falling company and rebuild it again and now being the leader of all the smart phones companies. He had brought us iPod, iTouch, iPhone and iPad which changes the technology world entirely and bringing the game up to another level for all the other makers. Now everyone tries to beat Apple. It is definitely a sad day for all of us Apple fanatics out there. He will be miss but his spirit will move on and be with us each time we pick up an Apple product. We just hope that his predecessor can carry on the torch and bring Apple to another new height. God Bless and May Your Soul Rest in Peace~! 

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Zainal Abidin said...

may he rest in peace...

the world has lost the very valuable man...

visit me here

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