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Tuesday, October 25

SemiTether Jailbreak for iOS 5

Well, since I had posted the tethered JB on my previous post, I thought it's just good to update you guys of an update to it. No it's not untethered JB. I had upgraded my iphone 4 to iOS 5 last week using Redsn0w JB. Yes, it's tethered but what the heck. iOS 5 is too cool to say no to. Now here's an update by BigBoss. But first let me explain what is the difference between a tethered and and untethered JB. 

Tethered Jailbreak
This is after you had jailbreak your device and tried to reboot it. Your device will get stuck in the apple logo screen or goes into recovery mode (USB cable to iTunes picture). You will now need the Redsn0w software to reboot your device. So you're in a big problem if your phone suddenly rebooted or need to be rebooted after a software install in Cydia or out of battery. 

Untethered Jailbreak
Simply put it, it's the best of them all. You can freely boot and reboot your devices as many time as you wanted. All thanks to GeoHot for last year's limer1n exploit. 

So what does this semi-tethered do? Well it will let your phone reboot and has the standard function made available. But apps like Safari, Mail and all the Cydia installed apps and tweaks. At least you can make calls and SMS right? So here is how you install the Cydia based semi-tethered app. 
  1. Go to Cydia and Choose "Manage"
  2. Choose "Sources" 
  3. Choose "Edit" and then "Add"
  4. Then enter this URL "http://thebigboss.org/semitether" and Choose "Add Source"
  5. Return to Cydia after installing the app
  6. Go to Search and search for semitether 
  7. Choose to Install and after installing your device will be prompted to reboot. 
You device will now be able to reboot but to make all the apps workable, you will need to boot tethered once more using Redsn0w. This is still in a trial or beta mode so do try with caution and do back up your data. Have I used it? Nope, I had Redsn0w installed both on my laptop and desktop. So it won't be any issue if my phone did rebooted. And if my phone ran out of battery? Heck, any phone need to be recharge after running out of battery. What's the difference right? Cheers~!

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