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Monday, October 17

Tips on Improving Battery Life Running on iOS 5

I had read on reviews and feedback from users who had upgraded to the iOS 5 that their battery life decreased a lot. This seemed more obvious on both iPad and iPhone users as compared to iPod. Well, you can expect the extra battery usage since there are so much new features (200+) in the new iOS 5. So here are some tips on improving your battery life. Most of them are settings which you can disable since you do not need it to be running at the back. 
  1. Disabling Bluetooth (Settings/General/Bluetooth > OFF)
  2. Disabling Location Service (Settings/Location Service > OFF)
  3. Turning OFF Notification Service for some/all of your apps (Settings/Notification >OFF)
  4. Disabling iCloud Services (Settings/General/iCloud > OFF) *this maybe the most significant one. 
  5. Disabling Ping (Services/General/Restrictions/Enable Restrictions/Ping > OFF)
  6. Disabling Time Zone Adjustment (Settings/Location Services/System Services/Set Time Zone > OFF)
  7. Disabling Diagnostic & Usage Reports (Settings/General/About/Diagnostic & Usage > Don't Send)
  8. Reset Network Settings (Settings/Reset/Rest Network Settings) *this will reset all your password, VPN and APN in your network settings. 
  9. Some users also suggested that removing and adding back your email account helps. Hence, you need to Delete Email Accounts -> Reset Network Settings -> Reboot -> Adding Email Accounts
Some of the users even mentioned that their battery life drop drastically down to half, even during standby mode. Some iPhone users even complaint about their phone heating up. There are mix opinion on these issues, some blaming it on the iCloud and had disabled it. Some are blaming on the Time Zone Adjustment setting. I haven't upgrade to iOS 5, so I am not sure how is it affecting my phone. Let me know how is your iDevices acting up after upgrading to iOS 5. Hope the above tips helps you. 

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