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Saturday, January 24

Smooth Drive Back Home

It was my initial plan to start my journey at 8am this morning but I managed to get my ass off my bed up early so decided to make an early start. Packed my stuff and drove over to picked up my cousin. Had breakfast and hang around for a while before starting my journey. It was around 9am when I left Old Klang Road but it was quite a smooth drive all the way to Gombak Toll. I had used the new DUKE highway from Jalan Pahang. Damn smooth and it's FOC.

There were a quite a number of cars at the toll plaza but since I used a smart tag, it's not a problem. There's a lot of cars along the way up till Bentong but it's not that bad as I can still go 110km/hr. After Karak highway, it was all smooth driving back. Reached Mentakab around 10.30am. Not bad at all considering it's Saturday and all. I heard that there were a long crawl from Slim River, hope those using North South is not stuck in the jam that bad this morning. Drive safe and Drive Smart~! Signing off my my hometown Mentakab. 2 more days before CNY~! Woo Hoo!

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