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Monday, April 6

And The Mood Is Here Again Tonight

I was checking out the Kemuning Utama sales office this afternoon and found out that there is limited units left. WTF??!! I thought they said 30% - 40% left. So I got to know their offer/promo for the remaining units. Bad news is that they had increased the price of the house by 1.7% to RM359K, damn~! But the good news is that they are following SP's promo where your loan amount could reach to 95% (only for selected bankers). They waived the SAP, Legal Fees and also MOF also. So I am practically not paying anything at all other than the 5% down payment. Another good news is that the developer is absorbing the interest during the construction of the unit. Which mean I am saving around RM19K. I only start the installment when I got the keys to my house. But I found out that the house is facing North-West, which my babe really hates. So back to square one. Sigh~!

Managed to get to gym early as I was rushing to prepare some documents for the bankers. Meet up with Cindy and asked her to sign up for me for the RPM class later. As I am doing Riyo's Body Step class at that time. Yup, I did Body Step then Herny's RPM. Need to rush to the locker to change my shoe for the RPM class. It was really a good class as the whole class was so lively. Everyone was motivating each other and all. Best part is that we're doing some mix tracks already. Quickly run up to the locker to changed my shoe again for Master C's Body Combat. Luckily found my usual spot. Finished the class and continued with K-Bear's Body Pump class.

Tonight class is all about technique and range, well for me at least. My objective is to improve my squats technique. And that is what I achieved at the end. Finally found out what's the problem with my technique out of the blue while doing the track. My hands are too wide while holding the bar hence the shoulder going back while squatting down. Decreases my weights for the back track too as I am correcting my rolls. I think I am getting better? Is it? Step out of the class during conditioning as I was waiting for my brother. Exchanged words with IM, K-Bear and Jason N on next week's track list. We're all so gonna die next week if we really going for what we had discussed. LOL!!

6 Octopus:

Little Princess said...

So, have you bought it?

BaBy OcTopUs said...

No la, as the house is facing North West. Sai Pak means Sek Sai Pak Fong wor .. no good~ !sigh!!

Aleximon 2.0 said...

wei...check the legal fees, waive must in both side...they waive it, not means that the lawyer also waive it...or the banker waive it...: )

BaBy OcTopUs said...

CP: Yup, I confirmed already with them. Cause I know got both side legal fees and all. So they advice me that it's waive also.

So I don't have to pay anything at all but the 5% (or 10%) down payment and wait for the house to be ready next year and start paying the installment.

md said...

there is a " catch " if u go for 5/95 promo. i cant remember it, i read in SARA forum recently. i still can remember that 1 of the member says, in long term, the 5/95is not really worth it.

BaBy OcTopUs said...

I don't think will go for the 5/95. Will still go for the 10% or more. Cause 95% will need to pay more for the monthly installment.

Will go over later to check out the lots as there is discrepancy of the remaining units. Terrence and my brother also going during lunch hour. LOL!! So Kan Cheong lar we all!!

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