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Sunday, April 19

Back Hometown

Woke up really early and started my journey back hometown last weekend. Stopped at Village Park at uptown for breakfast. I think I had a better breakfast that day compared to my lunch previously. Crowd was pouring in as early as 9am but luckily I managed to get a seat close to the counter. I found out that I will get my order in much faster if I order directly from the counter.

Drive back hometown wasn't that much jam and it was a nice drive back home. Had late lunch with my old friend who works in the banking line. Shown him my home loan and he too was amazed with the offer I'd got from Maybank. He told me that the market will most probably be slumping again towards the end of the year. OPR will be revised again before end of the year and this will mean that BLR will be decreased again (which is good for home buyer). They forecast that this global slump will last for at least another 3 years. Bad news??!

Weather was really HOT over at my hometown too. I was practically sweating from morning till night. But luckily my uncle wasn't in so me and my babe stayed in his room which has an air condition. :P Woke up early again this morning to catch breakfast with my family. After that continued with my new TVB marathon with babe. Had lunch and start packing for my trip back to KL. traffic was light and it wasn't that hot too. But once I arrive home it was so damn hot and stuffy. Arggh~!! Can't wait for my house to get ready to move in. Air condition is a MUST nowadays since the weather is so damn horrible.

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