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Monday, April 20

Why Is The Management So Cacat???

Finally we did Tribal Dance for Body Step class. For those who read my blog, they should know that I did Tribal Dance for RPM, Body Combat and Body Pump last week. I am not sure it's coincidence or what but was really a good track for the final power track. During RPM, I had found out that my bike was a bit 'cacat'. How do I describe how cacat is the bike? Let's just say that the pedal is unbalance so it's always side to the left and right. Very annoying but it's a full class tonight so I wasn't able to change a bike. The more I join Master C's class the more I felt that it's a karaoke class. Standing next to M'sia Idol and Master C encouraging his doesn't help much. But we (SOS & I) did have a fun time or rather a good laugh seeing him sing Zombie in Track 4. During Track 8, I had a strong feeling that he's gonna do What Hurt The Most and right I am. So there is no surprise that M'sia Idol sing his lung out again during the whole session. K-Bear's pump class? Didn't join as I wasn't in the mood tonight. And knowing that she'll be doing Walk Like This AGAIN tonight doesn't help too. LOL~!

I found out that there is something or a couple of thing in the matter of fact that I don't like going to The Curve to work out. I think this happens to most of us who go over for shopping or gym. As for me, it's the latter. Every time I walk down to the parking machine to pay, it is either out of order or only accept coins. WTH??!!! Do they really think that we would carry so much coins together with us?? This is not just one or two time but had been going on for months and close to years. I am not sure what is the logic behind this no paper money issue. Secondly, if they expect people not able to pay at the parking meter, they should have set up more exit with manual payment rather than just having one out of 5 exit. WTH are they thinking? I think the management know bout this but am not lifting their hand to settle this issue. There are two exit with manual payment but only one is occupied. Hence, there is a long queue on that lane. Damn stupid~!

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