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Sunday, April 19

A Tired Friday Night

I was really tired last Friday night during Body Step class. Maybe I push myself too far during RPM class. We did some really tough tracks for the power climb track. Starting to find the recovery track to be so tough that night. Maybe I put too much resistance during both that tracks. So during Step class I was a bit tired to do that much jump. After step class, I even thought of skipping the squat track as my legs were really tired. K-Bear noticed that my bottom halves didn't have the range too. We did discussed on the tracks that we're gonna do that night so I roughly know what I'm heading towards. She told me that we're doing Walk Like This for biceps. I was like, "Oh, Ok ma, not that hard". I had totally forgot how tough the track was. Imagine 3 sets of 8 singles to the end. OMG~!

During shoulder track, my arm were already shaking so I opted for the plates rather than my usual bar. Continued with her Combat class and we had a bumpy start during the warm up :P Really nice doing some old tracks starting from this week as I was really getting bored of the new one. But I don't mind doing Hardcore Angel anytime. LOL~! We had a filling supper after the class and had a long chat on our trip up North next month. Gotta call it a night early as I am driving back Mentakab the next day. Yes~!

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